Penne with Sausage, Caramelized Mushrooms and Winter Greens

I hope you will forgive my lengthy radio silence. I have been mired in renovation “problems”. Ask any contractor who steps through my door and he (invariably he) will tell you “um, there is a problem”. If I had a dime for every time I heard “Sarah, we have a problem,” I’d have paid for my renovation and then some.
There were the floors (wrong colour), the glass (first time broken, second time too big), the carpet (too big to fit through the door), the wallpaper (damaged in shipping), the vent hood (too long!) and the countertops (too short). Oh, and a chronic problem with the LED dimmers. God help me.
Most of these “problems” could—of course—only be solved by an exorbitant payment or by a heated argument with the supplier of said problematic thing. Which means I am nearly insolvent, totally exhausted and ready to throw in the renovation towel.

In the midst of all these trials, I did manage to eek out one recipe, and I’ve been remiss in sharing it with you. I created it for my friends over at Mushrooms Canada, a wonderful non-profit organization with the important goal of encouraging us to buy and eat more fresh Canadian ‘shrooms! Three cheers!
This Penne with Sausage, Caramelized Mushrooms and Winter Greens (click through to find the recipe on the Mushrooms Canada blog) is the kind of meal we have been surviving on this winter—basic inexpensive ingredients, bold flavours and (most importantly) dead easy. It’s also perfect if you’ve got any mushroom skeptics living under your roof, as I do. The skeptics can easily pluck the mushroom slices out (until that day when they inevitably realize that mushrooms are DELICIOUS!), while the rest of the family gets their mushroom fix.
If you are scratching your head over the “caramelized mushrooms” component of the recipe, never fear. It’s actually super simple, and worth the few minutes of of extra time it takes to get the mushrooms golden brown and sweet.

For more great mushroom-y recipes, check out the Mushrooms Canada website and blog. And stay tuned for my next creation for Mushrooms Canada, coming to the blog in September.
Disclosure: This post is presented in partnership with Mushrooms Canada. I received compensation to develop this fantastic mushroom-containing recipe and share it with you.