6 Best fish recipes


Try my Matcha Green Tea Salmon. It will be a hit at your next dinner party, or a delicious date night dinner
One of the things I try to remind my students on a regular basis is that cooking is not Rocket Science,  you just need to learn to use what you have on hand to create simple delicious meals.

Quick Maple-Dijon Salmon

So I’m slightly embarrassed to disclose that my kid has a maple syrup fetish. Is that weird? If a stranger asks for her name, she almost always responds with “Maple Syrup”. When her teacher asks her what she did over the weekend, her usual response? You got it—“Maple Syrup”. This is a real thing.

Fish Tacos Recipe with Best Fish Taco Sauce!

Our all-time favorite Fish Tacos recipe! These are loaded with fresh ingredients and perfectly seasoned plump fish. Don’t skip the best fish taco sauce – a garlic lime crema that you will want it on all your tacos!

15-Minute Sesame Seared Salmon

I might get my amateur chef badge revoked for admitting this, but here goes: I’m afraid of frying fish. It’s the smell that intimidates me the most. Not so much the smell of the cooking fish, but the next-day house smell that lingers when you don’t want it to. What if a guest pops over unexpectedly? “I fried fish last night” I will mumble, my head bowed in smelly-house shame. 

Fish in crazy water

Fish In Crazy Water is a classic Neapolitan dish of fresh fish poached with vegetables and water. A wonderfully simple, healthy and delicious recipe that yields tender fish and vegetables in sweet flavorful broth.

Easy Canned Tuna Pasta

This canned tuna pasta recipe is quick, healthy, and comforting. The perfect recipe when you don’t have a lot in your pantry!