Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

It’s summertime and you are still finding a way to beat the heat? Today’s watermelon smoothie recipe is just the thing that will get you through this season feeling joyful and refreshed.


Believe me, nothing tastes more like summer than a freshly blended watermelon smoothie. The smoothie is actually my household’s favorite for years and has since served as an indispensable drink at our outdoor family reunions and pool parties. It is truly a crowd pleaser!

How do you make a watermelon smoothie?
There is one heads-up I want to give before we start: the amount of ingredients in this recipe is totally customizable. You can play with the ingredients to develop the best watermelon smoothie that delights your palate.

Whenever I buy a large watermelon, my family can’t finish the whole fruit at once. We usually save half of an average watermelon in the fridge, and that is perfect for making watermelon smoothies later.

To begin with, cut the watermelon into fairly small chunks, about ½ inch in size, so that it is easy to blend. The recipe today calls for 2 cups of watermelon and yields 2 glasses of smoothie. Ah, don’t forget to cut two triangle watermelon slices and set them aside for garnishing later.

Next, place the watermelon, 1 cup of ice cube, 1 tablespoon of honey and 4 mint leaves in a blender and cover tightly with a lid.


You can totally replace maple syrup in the place of honey at a 1:1 ratio. I don’t really recommend using sugar at all because it has no proteins, vitamins, minerals or essential fats.

Mint is an excellent addition to the smoothie. It does not only enhance the flavor significantly, but offers a lot of health benefits, too. If you want to add even more exotic aroma to the smoothie, 1 or 2 extra basil leaves will take it to another level.

Now the mixture should be blended for 10 to 15 seconds or until everything is nicely combined and smooth. Make sure you don’t blend for too long, or else the smoothie will lose its slushy texture, no good.

Finally, it’s time to enjoy the drink we have been waiting for. Let’s pour the smoothie into glasses and garnish with the watermelon wedges we saved earlier, and some mint leaves as well. Trust me, you’ll love sipping on this wonderfully refreshing watermelon smoothie all summer long.



  • 12 oz seedless watermelon
  • 8 oz ice cubes
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 4 mint leaves optional


  1. Cut watermelon into 1/2-inch cubes. Cut two triangle watermelon slices for garnishing.
  2. Pour the watermelon, ice cube, and sugar in a blender, secure with a lid.
  3. Blend for 10 – 15 seconds or until it becomes smooth.
  4. Pour the smoothie to a glass, garnish with mint leaves. Serve immediately.

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