Lose weight in 28 day Keto Challenge


The ketogenic diet aims to rewire our metabolism of fat stores in the body by eating lots of dietary fat. The body typically gets energy from quickly burned carbohydrates. The keto diet forces it to delve deeper into the energy reserves hiding in our love handles. 75% or more of your daily calorie intake comes from fat on this nutritional plan. Protein is 20% or so, and carbohydrates are only 5% at most.


Keto Resource aims to help you navigate this dramatic shift in your typical diet. It encourages you along the way so you can overcome that initial urge to buy out a Baskin Robbins.

The program teaches you about the five keto diet options to find one that works best for your unique situation. The plans break down depending on your weight loss goals, health, and activity levels.

The main version, the Standard Keto Diet, is for anybody hoping to reboot and lose some weight, help cure seizures, or heal dietary sensitivities. The four other plans are specialized for different scenarios, and Keto Resource guides you through determining the proper one for you.


Almost 65% of the typical diet is comprised of carbohydrates. Bottoming out this number at 5% total intake is a hard, dramatic shift. It can be difficult to know what to put in your cart when pasta, bread, and rice are off-limits.

Keto Resource steps in to save your sanity with a helpful list of good quality fat sources and meals you can make to stay on track. If you're worried about bland, unappetizing food we usually associate with dieting, don't be. The recipes are delicious, thanks to all that yummy fat.


One of the best ways to stay on a fitness and diet regimen is to use the buddy system. Someone to give you ideas, challenge you, and keep you on track. Keto Resource acts like your friend.

The accountability from the daily challenge keeps you focused on your goals. Instead of falling off the wagon the first time you go out to eat with friends (which is allowed), you'll be able to roll through the days on track. No don't should be so strict that you can't be human, and Keto Resource acknowledges that.

Ten guides come with Keto Resource to walk you through all the difficulties you face when starting a ketogenic diet plan. Everything from kickstarting your diet to achieve ketosis quickly, to tracking macronutrients. You're not alone trying to sift through pages of conflicting information online.

The guides also include assistance with some of the harder parts of a keto diet, like social situations and "keto flu". Many diets are easily quit because users aren't sure how to live a normal life and participate in a controlled diet. Keto flu is a list of symptoms from sugar withdrawal. Keto Resource gives several tips on overcoming the initial unpleasant reaction to maintain your objective of ketosis.


The weight loss really is incredible when you follow the keto diet properly. Most people experience significant weight loss in the first month. Keto Resource is honest, though, and refuses to promise a miracle. You have to really dedicate yourself to changing the way you eat for it to work.


  • 28-day challenge for your first month on a keto diet.
  • Keto diet basics to help you understand ketosis and choose foods.
  • 28-day meal plan calendar and 38 recipes.
  • Information on identifying and maintaining ketosis.
  • Help balancing your macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbs.
  • Beating keto flu.
  • A guide on intermittent fasting to accelerate ketosis and weight loss.
  • Methods of handling social situations while dieting.
  • 36 recipes for sweet treats that won't break your ketosis.
  • 5 new ways to use avocados for healthy fat.
  • A break down of supplements that help keep you strong and don't interfere with a keto diet.