3 EASY Boxed Meals in Your Instant Pot

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hey everyone welcome back 
today we’re doing something a little different for making three easy boxed meals that you can make in your instant pot
 so my name is Kristen and I’m Kendra and these are three easy box meals that you guys are going to love they come together in just minutes so We’ll show you how to make them now this Is not our normal like lots of ingredients mill we really are just showing you different ways that you can use your instant pot and I think one of my most favorite go-to side dishes is my magazine but from the box so three box meals I’m excited okay what are we gonna start with okay so the first one that we’re gonna make is our instant pot Hamburger Helper 

so the first thing that you’re gonna want to do is add your ground beef to your instant pot okay so once you’ve added your hamburger you’re going to push saute so you’re just gonna saute this until it is brown and all the way cooks through alright and the meat is all done cooking 
so now you’re going to deglaze our pot by just adding some water to it and we’ll add the water and if it’s kind of sticking to the bottom you can even use the water to help and use your chocolate stir to do that too so if you have some meat that’s like kind of burned on the bottom you want to make sure you get your chopped and stir in there and just scrape the bottom really good because you don’t want to get the Burn Notice 

so we’re just gonna scrape all of the bottom off and then we’re gonna leave water in there too yes yes the next thing that we’re gonna add is our Hamburger Helper and you’re going to add both the packet and the noodles so add in the noodles and then we’ll add in the packet of seasoning okay so I’ll add the seasoning and then we’ll take the stop chop and stir and we’ll just stir it around just a little bit while she’s mixing that in I’m gonna add in It’s like about a cup and a half of some milk and if you need these directions they’ll all be down below in the description alright okay it’s all mixed together 

now we’re going to put our lid on and make sure it’s on ceiling okay the Lids on it’s on ceiling so then we’ll do pressure cook and then we’ll take it down to zero now you’re cooking it at zero because it’s an egg noodle egg noodles take hardly any time at all so quick easy we love it yeah okay so it’s all done cooking so now all you’re going to do is vent it and I’m gonna use a spoon so I don’t burn my head and it’s okay if it starts to bubble in foam a little bit it’s just from the noodle so now that it’s all done venting well twist it take it off and it’s all done so I’ll just stir it together and then it’s ready to serve all right so this is a little more of just a little bit watery than your normal Hamburger Helper so you can push the sautee button to get rid of that liquid but personally 
I like this my it’s a little bit soupy but it still still it’s delicious it tastes okay and we usually serve this with the salad or we do cooked carrots or the side of fruit you know we try it like With our main dish sometimes isn’t as healthy but we try and get healthy all around yeah all right we’re done with this one yep okay let’s move on to the next one okay next one we’re gonna make is just the easy box mac and cheese so what you’re gonna do make sure you take the cheese out yeah course I actually did that in college once 

I just dumped everything into the cheese but we’re learning from our mistakes okay you’re just gonna dump your noodles in then You’re gonna add about 1 and 1/4 cups of water just on top of your noodles just want to make sure all your noodles are covered by water that’s the most important part okay then this is my favorite part because you don’t have to stir you don’t have to makes you don’t do anything so we’re just gonna add our 4 tablespoons of butter so we’re just kind of following the directions from the box and then fourth cup of milk this is a lot easier then is our the noodle so chewy exactly

 okay we’re gonna put the lid on make sure that your knot is turned to sealing not venting then we’re gonna push either the pressure cook or manual button depending on what you have and then because it’s noodles we’re just going down to four minutes so once you set the timer then you can just walk away all right all done cooking we’re gonna turn the little knob to venting okay it’s all done venting we’re gonna open it up now so this is one way that you can do it 

I just dumped everything in but you could also just put the water and the noodles in and cook it and then add your milk and your cheese and your butter like everything else but I just I wanted to try to do her work so I threw everything in so let’s put in the cheese and we’ll just see how it goes I really try and search for things to make my life just a little bit easier in yeah just dumping everything in your mac and cheese we’re calling that a win all right we’re done with this recipe now we’re gonna head over and make some rice 

okay the last thing that we are going to make is rice Cerrone and this one is probably the easiest of demo you literally dump in all the ingredients include including the packets so we’ll first start with all the rice and then do you want to add in the seasoning yeah serviced out the whole packet of seasoning and then you add 1 in 3/4 cup of water and then you’ll add 1 tablespoon of butter

 so you’ll want to mix it just a little bit just to incorporate the rice with all the liquid to make sure it’s all covered and then we’ll put on our lid I can never get the lid on the first time yeah we got too bad work and make sure it’s on sealing and I then you’ll do pressure cook and you’ll do it for five minutes so once it’s high it once the timer set you’re good to go and you can lock away so I I love making this because it’s it’s like the perfect side dish perfect side dish of rice 

so I love to eat it with my salmon or just something that needs like a really good rice dish this this is like perfect for it and I like that you can cook this for like the last five minutes that your meat is cooking your hands then it’s just dinner’s all warm and ready at one time and it’s easy and fast and it’s a one alright we’ll let this cook in and welcome-back done cooking we’re gonna turn the little knob to venting hey once all of the pressure is out then you can safely take the lid on hey does it smell good now it is a little bit liquidy but that’s how rice-a-roni is like even if you make it on the top you just gotta wait a few minutes and then it will thicken up so we’re just gonna stir around really good I love rice right now he’s a kid right you’re amazing I was little and it’s like the best look like a chicken or a salmon oh so yummy I love it okay good mmm so simple so easy all right you guys I hope you enjoyed these boxed meals something a little bit different now if you want more instant pot recipes