3 EASY Boxed Meals in Your Instant Pot

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hey everyone welcome back 
today I’m talking about the dreaded Burn Notice that you get on your instant pot so my name is Kristen and I am one of the sisters from sick sister stuff now every Monday 

I usually share an instant pot recipe with you but I was getting so many comments about the lovely Burn Notice that I thought I’d make a this recipe just for you guys to help you out a little bit when that lovely sign appears so they’re about six major issues of why you are seeing the burn like the Burn Notice on your instant pot so I’m gonna get into it so the first issue is that food is stuck to the bottom of your instant pot now this is very common when you’re using the saute button if you use the sought a button and say that you’re sauteing meat or even onions you’ll get stuff stuck to the bottom of your pot now if you put everything else on when that stuff is still stuck on the bottom then that means you are gonna see the burn notice or at least very likely gonna see the Burn Notice

 so the solution the solution is is that all you have to do is before you put all the rest your food in if you’ve used your saute button you’re just gonna pour a little bit of liquid in and just scrape it with like a wooden spoon or something to just get that bottom burned layer off just having that little burn layer will cause your instant pot to burn issue number two now sometimes steam is releasing from either your knob or out the sides so the problem with that is that your knob is either not turned to sealing it’s on venting or your ring inside of your instant pot is not on correctly that can cause your instant pot to not cook correctly so the solution with that is if you get a burn notice and you’re not sure what’s going on make sure you check your little knob make sure it’s on sealing not venting and make sure that your ceiling ring is on really tight 

so now chances are that had already burned on the bottom so make sure you get a spoon and just start scraping away and that will hopefully help your Burn Notice issue number three there’s not enough liquid in your instant pot no I don’t really need to say much more about that but every time you use your instant
pot you to have about 1/4 cup to a cup of some sort of liquid whether it’s chicken broth water something like that so you’ll have your pot we’ll be able to pressurize now lots of times when people are cooking rice there’s not enough liquid in there that they’ll see the Burn Notice 

so if you see the Burn Notice and there’s not enough liquid in there go ahead again you got to scrape your bottom really really good add more liquid more than you probably think you’ll need because it needs to make up for what it’s lost so you need to stick more liquid in there scrape it up and hopefully that Burn Notice will go away issue at number four now we’re talking about liquid again but this time we’re talking about thick liquid for example like chili or stew if there’s not enough thin liquid your pot can’t pressurize so the solution is to make sure that whether when you’re adding really thick liquid you have to add a little bit of water

 so sometimes I’ll make like a spaghetti sauce that’s one of our biggest issues with the burn is people are making spaghetti but they don’t add any liquid or water also to their spaghetti sauce if you add a little bit of water then you won’t see the burn number 5 now there is another reason you could have a burden notice and it’s not it doesn’t have anything to do inside of your pot it’s actually what’s inside of the instant pot 

so if for instance you had a little bit of food spill out and it went into this main area that there’s a good chance that that will also cause the Burn Notice so if you’ve checked all these other things make sure you lift this up and make sure there’s no burning in here and then hopefully that will solve your problem issue number 6 now there’s a very good chance you might have like a sensitive pot I’ve had some people that tell me I’ve gotten the Burn Notice every single time that I use my instant pot sometimes something just doesn’t sound right there so whether they’re either not adding enough liquid or it could possibly be something’s wrong with your instant pot 

so if you have issues and you’ve never been able to make something without the Burn Notice showing up you might want to contact instant pot let them know say you know what I see I see the Burn Notice all the time and I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to it there’s a very good chance you just kind of have I missed a pot so if you are watching this because you have the burden noticed right now I highly suggest taking things out of your pot most likely you have something stuck onto the bottom so take a wooden spoon scrape it like crazy clean the bottom of it if sometimes I need to pour out all of my stuff and then scrape it really good put it back add more liquid more liquid than you think you would need and you can start cooking again that way the burn artists will go away and you can finish cooking the food that you want done in time for dinner alright guys if you love this recipe