3 EXTREMELY EASY AND AFFORDABLE Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

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hey everyone welcome back to
today we’re making three easy rotisserie chicken meals to make dinner a whole lot easier so my name is Kristen and I’m Kendra and today we’re sharing with you three easy rotisserie chicken ideas to make mealtime 

so easy I mean that’s we’re both moms yes and we both are all about okay in the kitchen out of the kitchen have food for the kids so rotisserie chickens are one of the easiest foods that you can pick up for your family it’s not very fun to just have a plain rotisserie chicken so we’re gonna show you some fun ideas that you can make with it okay the first thing we’re gonna make is our creamy BBQ chicken sandwiches and these are super easy to make they’re literally three ingredients and then you put the rolls on them but you can also use lettuce wraps or tortillas really anything you can do 

so first we have about 2 cups of shredded chicken here and this is from our rotisserie chicken and we appreciated it so you wouldn’t have to see you yeah tear it apart and then we have four ounces of cream cheese and we warm this up a little just so it can melt into the chicken a little bit better and then you’re gonna add about a cup of barbecue sauce and this is one of our favorites right sweetie baby Relays we’re not curious curious but your favorite barbecue sauce this is I think we all use this I know I think we do is my favorite we should try a homemade barbecue sauce once a quick and easy yeah quick and easy okay

 so I’m just gonna stir this all together and then one thing I love about this are no I’m not gonna take it my kids love this like they love the chicken they love the cream cheese and then a barbecue sauce so perfect for kids perfect for a hungry perfect for me the besan we hardly have any leftovers of this but when it is leftover it’s in the back of in my lunch the next day yeah 

so we’re just gonna put it on a roll today you can like put these rolls in the broiler too and just like crisp everything up put a little cheese on there but leaving it quick and still delicious I love it anyways creamy barbeque chicken yeah and literally like what three minutes maybe even less okay alright recipe number two so this recipe is our guacamole chicken salad and again just hardly any ingredients it’s super quick to throw together just with rotisserie chickens 

so we have these little what do we call these there we go we like them always because sometimes I buy the big guacamole and then it goes Brown by the time I use it all so we like these little ones and have you ever tried carrots and that’s or vegetables I do like it was vegetable yeah it’s so yummy but I know you just like the little ones so AK elite’ 100-calorie yaks

 so we’re just gonna mix I think we have like what a half maybe a half a rotisserie chicken in here and then two little packs of guacamole so you can make this as healthy or as unhealthy as you want um we’re gonna put it on some rolls but you could make it into lettuce wraps yeah and then we like to top it with just a little bit of lettuce and then some cucumbers but you could also season this with garlic salt salt and pepper mm-hmm whatever you’re feeling and what you like so yummy and healthy about what three minutes five minutes yeah my recipe number three okay 

so the third recipe the last recipe are these barbecue chicken flatbread pizzas and we love these these are great for kids because they can kind of decorate their own put their own toppings on so this is easy right this is like our Friday nights when I am done with the week and I don’t want to cook anything like okay you don’t even want to leave the house because it’s like mmm pajamas and sweats it’s the weekend it is the weekend so you’re just gonna put I like barbecue I love barbecue sauce 

so I’m gonna put it both on the chicken and then on my flat breads and you can also do you don’t
have to do barbecue sauce – yeah I can do you’re you know your favorite pizza sauce yeah but we love all things barbecue so you do mmm so I’ll spread this around and then you can put the cheese on you and it really is so simple I love it all right oh and you put some barbecue sauce and the chicken yes so I did both on the pizza and in the chicken it’s kind of hard to spread apart I might get another spoon

 so I don’t know all right and while you’re doing chicken I’m gonna put a little bit of red onion on there today you don’t have to do the red onion but but it’s delicious barbecue chicken pizza I also love this with pineapple and cilantro on it and it is so fresh take me to the islands as I suffer here in the cold Utah weather let me just tell you our parents went to Hawaii on Thanksgiving without us and they didn’t even tell us they were leaving let alone an invite they didn’t even tell us they were going they arrived and we get a picture of them and we’re here shivering recovery in Utah oh yeah no and there was like a foot of snow that weekend so it’s okay we’re okay with it yeah we had a lot of fun 

so we’re not before all right how are you doing is your chicken good I like my not lots of chicken I like mine with lots of onions and on we like her toppings yeah all right we good we’re good okay so bring it for like what a minute or two yes okay keep an eye on it yeah don’t burn it okay so that’s all there is to it we usually serve this with like a side salad or I’m all about easy microwavable steamed oval veggies or carrots and dip and you know that’s one nice thing about this like you don’t need a ton of like main dish just a little main dish a lot of sides healthy side yeah we try and do and then you’re set for dinner time so and it’s something that everyone loves even the pickiest eaters alright guys if you love this recipe