4 Ingredient Instant Pot Shredded Chicken Tacos

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hey everyone!! welcome back 
step now a lot of you asked for dump and go recipes so today I’m sharing with you the easiest humble go recipe it’s my shredded chicken tacos

now I started doing  because I had so many questions about my instant pop posts that it just became easier to show you what I’m doing in the instant pot showing you by video instead of trying to explain everything in directions
 so that’s why I love sharing instant pot recipes with you guys now I have some exciting news so my husband did the whole master’s program medical school residency and right now we’re in Sacramento doing a one-year fellowship and it is coming to a close so he got a job in northern Utah 

so we are headed out and about six weeks we are moving again I’ll still be making videos but it’s gonna be a little wil here so sometimes if a video goes out late or it goes out the next day just know I’m really sorry about it I’m just trying to pack up my house and move across the country I am going to be doing a lot of easy dumb burger recipes because that’s literally all I’m eating right now

 so if you love tacos be sure to watch this video because it’s quick easy and your kids will eat it all right guys let’s go make some time first I’m gonna start with a half a cup of water in the bottom of your instant pot next I’m gonna throw in my chicken and I threw in about five or six frozen chicken breasts you can use thawed too if you’d like next we’re adding one tablespoon of chili powder and then we’re gonna add one tablespoon of cumin and that is it just those four ingredients throw everything in put the lid on make sure that the little knob is turned to sealing Banting you want it to cook you’re gonna push pressure cook or the manual button and because mine is frozen 

I’m gonna go up to like 24 25 minutes but if it’s thawed you could do about 20 and you’d be good now after you set the timer it’s gonna say online that means you did it right so go ahead and walk away you’re good to go so when it was all done I let it release on its own so after the timer beep they let it sit there for about 10 minutes and then I turned the knob for the rest of the pressure to get out so now that my chicken is all the way done you can shred it either in your pot or you can take the chicken out and shred it there it kind of depends on

 how I feel for the day sometimes it’s easier to pull it out and shred it up now once it’s all shredded it’s time to make the tacos so I’m gonna make three right here and just show you how I do it in what I like on it now this tacos make sure you drain out the chicken pretty well or it will become juicy as you can see in my middle one so I love to add corn with it salad sour cream tomatoes avocado salsa literally anything you want on your tacos will be delicious with these shredded chicken tacos but these ones are for my kid

 that’s why there’s just a little bit of ingredients ingredients that I know they will eat and I am happy to say that they ate them all and even went back for second all right you guys that’s all I have for you today now be sure to check out some of my other posts if you’re new to the instant pot I have the six things that you should make first up top and then if you’re looking for something fun to do I have make your own instant pot yogurt that is so easy.