10 DIY Holiday Gifts That Only Look Expensive

There is always a danger for people who like to build things with their own hands. If an idea doesn’t work, or if something goes wrong during construction, it can end up looking like something your niece made in her kindergarten class. Unfortunately, this is the fate of handmade items, which often look cheap. And even if you put your heart and soul into your creation (probably because you put a lot of time and effort into it), that doesn’t mean you can safely gift any handmade decorations to your friends, colleagues or family (even if they laugh or even smile).

Besides, New Year’s Day is an expensive holiday (sometimes we think we’ve spent our entire December paycheck on gifts! ), the question of gifts on a budget is a particularly hot topic right now. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 stylish handmade gifts you won’t be embarrassed to give (or want to keep for yourself). By the way, to find these ten examples, we’ve looked for a range of “crafts,” both successful and not-so-successful, that give any sensible aesthetic nightmare.

Here’s a list of DIY decorations that look good and expensive

1. Vintage-style wooden clock

Although Griboedov claimed that “happy people don’t wear clocks,” clocks have always been a domestic necessity. If it’s such a nice thing, they do.

You will need: round pieces of wood, spray paint, paintbrush, clock hands, gold-plated buttons, electric glue, wire, drill bits, screws, drill bits.
Difficulty level: 4

Sugar and fabric workshop.

2. Progressive effect towel

Small and elegant towels are very useful in the kitchen. They get dirty quickly and need to be changed often, so you can’t go wrong with a progressive effect towel.

What you need: a plain white kitchen towel (100% cotton), several paints and brushes, water.

Difficulty: 1

For more information about the Masterclass, visit the Minted blog.

3. A vase with flowers hanging from a tube.

This type of gift is even more impressive when offered with flowers. Ideal for use by the window or in the kitchen.

You will need: 6 test tubes, 3 meters of leather cord, metal hoop.

Difficulty level: 2

Spare parts and couples workshop

4. Handmade candles, like in a trendy store.

As they say, candles are always useful in the home. They don’t need to be lit to look good and, if used properly, they can create a romantic atmosphere.

You will need: candle jars, soy wax, essential oils (optional), wicks with holders, ailerons, jars.

Difficulty level: 3

How to prepare: click here

5. Elegant ornament holder (for decoration)

Unfortunately, decorative painting is not always applied with dignity in modern interiors. But we have found a stylish example that would look great on a girl’s desk.

All you need is a ceramic plate, a napkin (we leave it to your choice, but a simple design without a theme is a good idea), a brush and a string.

Difficulty level: 2

Instructions and video courtesy of Sarah Hearts.

6. Hipster leather notepad.

This is a universal necessity in every household. If you want a Moleskin penny, you can make your own notepad.

What you’ll need: notebook-sized leather, paper, hole punch, paper cutter, special buttons.

Difficulty level: 2

For more information, click here.

7. Geometric straw wreath

If you like Scandinavian style and minimalism, you’ll love this piece. It can be hung all year round and it’s not just a wreath, it’s a wall decoration in its own right.

All you need is a handful of cocktail straws, a spool of stiff wire and a clasp.

Difficulty level: 2

Click here for the tutorial.

8. Hanging shelf

This is very easy to make and looks very elegant. You can put a flower pot or a bowl of light on it, or place it over a lamp (looks great).

All you need is a copper rod (which seems to take the place of a straw when making the bulb socket), a pipe cutter and a chamois rope.

Difficulty level: 3

9. Fabric bulletin board for the table.

Who wouldn’t want to add a little “excitement” to their workplace? A stylish chalkboard (aka message board) will bring all your photos, post-its, notes, reminders, notebooks and other stuff together in one place.

All you need is a cork board, 5 feet of fabric (the amount varies depending on the size of the board), buttons, a ruler and a stapler.

Difficulty level: 2 Ernest Home Ltd.

10. Hanging cabinets

This is a Scandinavian delight. Children’s tea houses are very popular these days, so why not incorporate the architectural theme into your kitchen interior?

You will need: cardboard, glue, sandpaper, paint of your choice (black in this example), staples, hammer, tape measure, pencil, sponge, water.

Difficulty level: 3

A master class from the famous blog ‘A Beautiful Mess’.

Surely all of these products could be mistaken for store bought. Sure some items take more time and effort than others, but it’s worth it. We hope you get some ideas from our articles and find the answer to at least one question from our list “What to buy for Dima, Masha and Katya”.

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