EASY Baked Pancakes Meal Prep

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hey guys welcome back to Mill prep Monday today I am making baked pancakes now in case you didn’t know my name is Kristen

today with meal prep Monday I am making breakfast it’s called baked pancakes and it’s so much easier than just waiting and baking each individual pancake if you bake them all together you have all your pancakes ready to go now I would love you to stop by every Monday and catch our meal prep Monday 

so make sure you subscribe to our Channel give me a big thumbs up or comment below of things that you would love to see for meal prep alright let’s go make these baked pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs alright so first I gotta make my pancakes so I’m gonna take my pancake mix which I use Kodiak cakes if you’ve never heard of this before it’s actually made with all natural ingredients whole grains there’s a lot of protein in there it’s the perfect pancake to fill you up 

so I’m gonna take five cups of these Kodiak cake pancakes they also make chocolate pancakes which work just as good and they are amazing next I’m just gonna pour in five cups of water and mix it really well together now if it’s too runny and you need to add a little bit more pancake mix you can do that you want it the texture of normal pancakes then just mix it all together you don’t want any lumps in these pancakes so I sprayed my pan with nonstick cooking spray and I’m just gonna pour my batter right into the 9 by 13 pan next you’re gonna bake it at 350 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes you want to make sure that when you cut through it’s not jiggly 

or wet inside now it’s time to prepare your bowls so I cut my pancakes into 12 different pieces and I’m putting them into four individual containers now with the rest of them I still cut them up and I put them in freezer bags now while my pancakes were baking I made four eggs and four egg whites I scrambled them together and so every day you’ll also get one egg and one egg white along with your baked pancakes so each bowl when you eat it in the morning has 253 calories 27 carbs 6 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein did you know that we make menu plans to make your life so much easier so every week you’ll get 6 main dishes emailed to you along with awesome side dishes and desserts right now over 10,000 people use our menu plans and absolutely love them we have menu plans for big families for small families for those trying to eat a little bit healthier be sure to check the link below in the description so you’ll see if menu plans will work for you