EASY Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli Recipe

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welcome back
today I am making beef and broccoli in the instant pot so as you know I’m Kristin calm for those of you who have been following along for a while you know that every Monday I share a new instant pot recipe and then push the bill so you can get the notifications I’m making beef and broccoli in the instant pot I’m gonna be showing you different ways that you can do it you can microwave your broccoli or you can cook your broccoli in with your beef now do you realize if you cook it in with your beef chances are it’ll be a little mushy err then if you just cook it in the microwave but because

 I like to show you how to use your instant pot for all the things that’s why I’m gonna be cooking it today I just need you to do one favor for me I would love to hear which instant pot recipes you want me to make so I know there’s cheesecake coming up there’s yogurt coming up what else do you want me to make

 so go ahead and put what you want me to make in the comments below I’ll write you guys if you’re ready I’ll show you how to make this delicious beef and broccoli so you’re gonna start by pushing the saute button and then when it reads hot you’re ready to put your oil in so I’m adding one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil if you don’t have that you can use canola oil also next I’m gonna put my meat in and I did not mean to do that it’s just one of those days so make sure everything is off of your meat now mine is a little bit frozen but if you just keep playing with it and kind of mix it around in the oil um the goal is to get a little bit Brown

 so just keep playing with it and it will get brown on all sides now when your meat is pretty much browned it’s time to add the liquid so I’m adding half a cup of soy sauce and then 1/2 a cup of beef broth next I’m gonna add a little bit of sweetener in there so I have 1/4 a cup of brown sugar 

so mix that in together so it’s a little bit well combined then it’s time to cook the beef so you want to first make sure you push the cancel button it’s on saute right now so you want to cancel it
then you’re going to put your lid on make sure that it’s closed all the way and your little knob is on sealing not venting then you’re gonna push the pressure cook button or manual button and you’re gonna go up to ten minutes then go ahead and do a quick release that means it’s letting all of the steam out of your instant pot so you can open the lid now while that’s steaming out I’m gonna chop up my broccoli here’s where you have the options 

now I’m gonna show you how to cook it in the instant pot but if I were making this again I
would definitely steam it in the microwave before putting in my instant pot to cook mostly because I like my broccoli a little more firm so I’m gonna put my broccoli in here and then close the lid we’re gonna cook it again on the pressure cook button for one minute now when it’s done it will show that L and start counting up so make sure you turn the knob because you don’t want your broccoli in there too long so turn the knob and do a quick release when all the pressures out go ahead and lift up your lid your broccoli is actually a really good consistency right now but because we want to make it a thicker sauce I left my broccoli in there while I thickened it up and it just cooked too long 

so you can either take your broccoli out or if you decided to steam it in a different thing like a microwave don’t add your broccoli yet we’ll do that in a minute so I’m gonna pull out about 1/4 cup of some of the sauce because we want to thicken it up with some cornstarch so you have 1/4 cup of the sauce and about 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and you’re just going to mix that really well so I’m gonna push the cancel button and then I’m going to push the saute button again because we want to make this sauce thicken up so go ahead and add your little mixture and then you’re going to wait until it is boiling mix it around a little bit and your sauce should thicken up now you can serve it on your rice instant pot rice or I just found this awesome cauliflower rice at Costco it’s probably my new favorite thing so go ahead and add it to your rice or cauliflower rice