20 Genius Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New

Dont underestimate the importance of cleaning preparation.

It is important to thoroughly check the floor before vacuuming. This is a conclusion reached by many people who have experienced being pushed into the dusty depths of decorations and even hoarse hamsters. Don’t make the same mistakes as others. Don’t neglect protective equipment before handling chemicals. The rubber gloves you put on every time you wash dishes will not only protect your skin from dryness and irritation, but will also protect you from arthritis in the future. Also, if you are allergic to bleach, bleaching agents or sanitary materials and have difficulty breathing after cleaning, don’t be lazy and get a breathing apparatus. It is also recommended for use when cleaning drains with chemicals (such as Potxan).

Take care of your home and yourself and don’t give in to the temptation to “fix one and overload the other”. For example, put newspaper on the floor before putting glitter on furniture or doors: you don’t want people to see a reflective, hardened puddle.

Cleaning tip: keep it neat and tidy.

This means dusting the chandeliers and cabinets first, then taking down the shelves, and finally, when there’s no dust you’ve accidentally wiped off, the floor. Remember that vacuuming and sweeping are dusty processes. Any dust left on the floor should be wiped up again with a cloth, sponge or power broom.

In a broader sense, you should also take care of your daily routine. It is best not to leave cleaning to the weekend, so that if you have unexpected plans for the weekend, you don’t have to postpone them. For example, mopping the floor on Tuesday nights and changing the sheets and doing the laundry on Thursdays will keep the house in order and avoid a two-week cleaning gap.

To accomplish anything, you have to help yourself.

As we’ve said before, to make cleaning easier, put your garbage in its place during the week.

For example, you can have an opaque trash can and quickly scrape the surfaces to make the room look cleaner. Depending on your habits, you can have a relatively large box in the corner of the room for larger items such as clothes or books, or a smaller box on the desk (the most convenient option) for loose change, stationery, discount cards and receipts. Once a week, you can get organized by sorting through boxes and throwing things away. It’s easier and faster (and more fun) to get rid of the piles of junk when you’re cleaning up than to pick up the pieces in the room.

Business meets leisure: …… More importantly, it’s good for.

Add something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had time to do during the week. Great for cleaning while listening to your favorite music or a fun audiobook. For cleaning jobs where you have to move from room to room, a Walkman can come in handy. You can iron your clothes while watching your favorite TV show or simply wash the floor while bending over. A good example of is Jane Fonda. At 77, she is still going strong and always complements her work with stretching and relaxation exercises.

Track your progress.

There are many devices that can make your life easier. Robotic vacuums, for example, are a lifesaver for pet owners, but we’ve already told you about their pros and cons. A practical appliance that is a favorite in many homes is the opposite of the vacuum cleaner. Air purifiers and humidifiers play their part every day. Modern mops made of synthetic materials absorb dirt and water, making them easy to wash. For dusting, we recommend microfiber cloths and Pepidustra for household appliances and steam cleaners, and the melamine magic sponge for heavy soiling. By the way, for TV and computer screens, there are not only special cleaning cloths, but also antistatic cloths that not only clean the screen, but also repel dust for a while.

Some smart tips

If you don’t have a magic static dissipative cloth, spray a regular static dissipative on the screen or polished surface to minimize dust buildup. Keep the spray bottle a reasonable distance from the surface to prevent streaking. If you are concerned about the spray damaging your furniture, buy a polish with anti-static properties.

The blender beaker can be easily cleaned by adding water and a few drops of detergent and running the machine for a few seconds. Distribute the detergent carefully to avoid accidental lathering.

To make it easier to clean vertical racks that you cannot reach by hand with a cloth, wrap a basting knife in a damp cloth and use the resulting tool to clean the crevices.

To clean the microwave, boil water with the juice of half a lemon (or add half a lemon to the water) and leave it for a while with the oven door closed. This will help remove dirt from the steam, and the lemon will help remove bad odors.

You can also place activated charcoal on a shelf to remove odors and excess moisture from the refrigerator.

To combat bad odors in upholstery fabrics, spray vodka and let it dry.

If you prefer natural detergents, mustard (to remove oil and grease stains), vinegar (also good for rust) and baking soda (known to work wonders for cleaning teapots) are also good detergents.

Starch is often used as an absorbent for cleaning. Sprinkle it on the floor, rub it in lightly and, after a while, pick up the blackened lumps with a vacuum cleaner.

You already know that salt is good for grease stains on clothing, but if you have grease stains on your wallpaper or ceiling, chalk can help absorb the oil.

If you use colored caulk between tiles, don’t use household chemicals to clean the entire wall, floor or kitchen apron. Vinegar can also be helpful. Vinegar is much milder. However, its effect on mold and mildew is not at all long lasting. So be sure to treat your seams with a special antifungal agent from time to time.

I have tried this myself.

I have successfully removed green stains from tiles with toothpaste, polished plastic window frames with refrigerator cleaner, and cleaned plastic stains with non-acetone nail polish remover.

A citric acid solution can remove stains from a teapot more successfully than the coveted Coca-Cola.
Experiment with products that aren’t exactly what you want. However, try small pieces first, as they can be very aggressive.

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