How to Cook a Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot

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hey guys welcome back to six sister stuff today I’m showing you how to cook a chicken a whole chicken and your instant pot

 so I’m Kristin ,I think one of the most common questions I get is how to cook chicken in the instant pot so I’ve done some chicken breasts for you I’ve done chicken wings for you but today I’m gonna show you how to cook a whole chicken in your instant pot now if you’re new to this  

if you’re looking for new instant pot recipe alright guys let’s head on over to the instant pot and make this whole chicken right inside first you’re gonna put your chicken right inside of the instant pot now if you noticed my chicken is completely frozen so if you thought it’s gonna be a little bit different time compared to how I’m gonna cook it frozen but I’ll show you both

 next I’m gonna add one cup of water right on top of my chicken now you can season it with whatever seasonings you want but I just really want the chicken breast so I am just going it this way so make sure your knob is on sealing and you can push the meat or stew button but I’m gonna push manual or pressure cook and go all the way up to 50 minutes because it’s frozen if it’s not frozen you can do 25 to 30 minutes now when you’re done you can let it release on its own or you can do a quick release

 I want to eat quick so I just flipped it on over once the pressure is out you can lift your lid up and your chicken should be all the way cooked through now my chicken was a 3 pound chicken if you’re doing a bigger chicken like a 4 or 5 pound chicken you might want to go up to 60 minutes to make sure it’s all cooked all the way through so I pulled out put it on a plate

 so I can shred it up now if you want your skin to be a little crispy on the outside you can broil it for a few minutes to make it nice and brown and crispy now now I want to show you how tender it is the wings literally fill off in the pot but here is my chicken I love to serve it with my stuffing and potatoes I’ll put some recipes up in the corner for you so you’ll be able to how I make those in my instant pot – all right you guys I hope you have a great day