How to Make Chewy Chex Bars

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hey everyone welcome back
today I am making chewy checks bars so my name is Kristen now we’ve teamed up with Czechs to bring you these chewy Czechs bars these are so easy to make you don’t even need a pan to put them together all you need is the microwave and about five ingredients all right yeah let’s head on to the kitchen and make these delicious chewy Czechs bars

 so the five ingredients you need are rice Chex cereal marshmallows butter chocolate chips and candy coated chocolate now we’re gonna start with the four tablespoons of butter we’re gonna put it in a microwave safe Bowl and microwave it until it is about halfway melted 

now once it’s a little bit melted we’re going to add in our marshmallows this is about 4 cups of mini marshmallows you could also use the big marshmallows too I would add about 4 and 1/2 or 5 cups of those so now you’re just going to stir and mix the butter in with the marshmallows and microwave it again now you’re gonna microwave just until the marshmallows are melted then you’re gonna add about 6 cups of Chex cereal 

now just mix it until it’s well combined now after I’m done mixing it pretty well I let it cool for just a minute or two before adding my candy because if it’s really hot it will melt my candy and I don’t want to melt all of the candy I want it to still stay in its shape so very gently mixing your candy so if you don’t crush your candy and so you don’t crush the chick cereal now once you’re done mixing you’re gonna pour it into a 9 by 13 pan and 

now we sprayed this pan with nonstick cooking spray so it’ll be easy to pull off the cereal bars when they’re done cooling okay spread it out and here is my trick I like to spray Pam or a nonstick cooking spray onto her hands so she’ll be able to press it down without it sticking so I just sprinkled on a few more candy and then press them down so it can add a little more color

now for the topping we’re gonna melt the chocolate chips in the microwave if it’s not melted enough you could add a little bit of oil and melt it more in the microwave but you want it pretty I like mine thick instead of really thin so a little bit thick so you can actually taste the chocolate as you drizzle it on now once the chocolate is hardened go ahead and cut it up and let your kids taste it now I just have to say I think my kids really enjoyed this recipe now a special thanks