Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches

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you guys welcome back I’m making french dip sandwiches in your instant pot so I’m Kristen calm now don’t worry if you don’t have an instant pot 

but let me just tell you the difference in the slow cooker it takes about ten hours and the instant pot it’s about an hour if you love french dip sandwiches making in the instant pot is so easy now on this blog I love sharing simple easy and simple recipes and other recipes too but the easier the better 

so I use very few ingredients and I make it taste delicious so if you love watching my instant pot videos every single Monday so they can get my instant pot recipes too all right you guys let’s go into the kitchen and make delicious instant pot french dip sandwiches all right

 you’re gonna start with a three pound roast now it doesn’t have to be the best cut of meat because it’s your instant pot it will cook well next you’re gonna add two cans of beef consommé I think that’s how you say it you can find those in the soup aisle then that is all it there is to it you’re gonna put the lid on make sure that it’s sealed really tight and you’re gonna put it on see link not venting

 I like to push the manual button you can also push the meats to button if you’d like but they’re pretty much the same so I go manual and I’m going all the way up to sixty minutes if your roast is frozen you can do it for a hundred and twenty minutes also then when it’s done you can either let it release on its own or you can flip it over and do a quick release

 now it’s time to pull the lid off and it smells so good so you can either take your book roast out and shred it up or you can shred it right inside of your instant pot now when you’re all done trading it you’re gonna pull the meat out kinda with a strainer and put it to the site you’re gonna leave the drippings or leave the juice because that’s what you’re going to dip your sandwich so now I’m getting my subs ready and I’m gonna put my meat right onto my bread now notice my bread is on a cookie sheet because I like to broil my cheese you can put other things on here too I like to add banana peppers and my husband really loves jalapenos 

so  I’m making banana peppers for myself and then the jalapeno sandwich for my husband next I’m gonna add some provolone cheese and then I’m gonna take this and broil it in the oven for about a minute just so the cheese is melted then I’m gonna put my bun back on and dip it into my juice now you don’t have to add cheese on the other ingredients you can just put your bun on and dip it in your juice and just eat it and just like that but I like to add just a little bit more flavor well guys that’s all I have for you today thanks