Instant Pot Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken and Cauliflower Rice in 10 minutes!

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hey everyone welcome back !
today I’m making a very simple basic meal it’s chicken teriyaki bowls with cauliflower rice so if you’ve been here before you know that I’m Kristin and I am the second sister from stuff comm and every Monday 

share an instant pot recipe with you well things are a little crazy right now I am actually getting ready to move so I’m packing up and I’m making all kinds of meals  and so I’m showing you the easiest meal you’ll probably ever make in your instant pot now I have a few tips and tricks along the way

 so what you’re actually cooking in the instant pot is vegetables and then I’m getting everything else ready while it cooks and so your food is ready in about ten minutes dinner’s on the table and you’re good to go I think deep down he really feels bad about eating my SD card right I am jumping right into it now you need some vegetables I like to use frozen vegetables that stir-fry is from Costco this is organic rice cauliflower also from Costco and then of course the Costco famous rotisserie chicken then I also buy this low-sodium it’s gluten free teriyaki sauce so this is a gluten free recipe for you guys today all right now if you don’t have a steamer basket you can put your vegetables in the bottom of the pan but because I have a steamer basket 

I’m just gonna throw it in because it will make my life a little bit easier and I’m going to we have a lot of people in our family there’s six of us so I’m gonna fill the vegetables all the way to the top then I’m gonna add about 1/2 a cup to a cup of water right on top of the vegetables all right now that you are all the way done go ahead and put your lid on turn it and 

so you want the little knob on the top to be turned to see link not venting sealing then push the manual or pressure cook button whatever one you have and you’re gonna go down to one minute then after a few seconds is gonna say on that means it’s working you’re doing good go ahead and walk away from your instant pot all right 

so while that’s cooking which it won’t take very long to cook I’m going to go ahead microwave or steam my rice cauliflower and the instructions are on the back they cook for about five minutes then while that’s cooking I’m gonna cut up my rotisserie chicken now like I said before I am moving and 

so I am looking for the easiest mills possible and I’m using the instant pot for part of my meal all right by the time you’re done cooking your chicken your cauliflower rice is done and then also your instant pot should be done in just a minute so when it’s all the way done it will show a little L that means it’s gonna start counting up that means that it’s all the way done cooking 

so go ahead and turn your knob to venting you want all the pressure to be out of your instant pot open the lid and you are good your vegetables are all the way cooked through now you can use frozen or thawed they’ll still cook a minute now if they’re frozen they will take a little bit longer to pressurize but that’s alright okay go ahead go ahead and take your vegetables out and then you can start putting your teriyaki rice bowls or just we just call it teriyaki cauliflower rice umm altogether 

so go ahead and put your cauliflower rice down first if you haven’t tried cauliflower rice it’s actually really good but you can also use normal rice too then you’re gonna put your vegetables on top and then your chicken on top of that now you can make this I love that it’s frozen because you can decide how much you want to make or if you want to save some for later and then I’m just gonna dump on my teriyaki sauce you can put it again as little or as much as you like now this is the kind of meals that we’re having right now that take about 10 minutes to throw together because it’s easy and it’s healthy and I know my kids will eat it now I usually like to serve this with some sort of fruit salad and my kids actually like to eat carbs so they’ll have a roll or something on the side now if there’s leftovers I love to package it all together and I eat it for lunch the next day all right you guys