NO BAKE Pumpkin Spice Energy Bites

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hey guys it’s Camilo 

today I’m sharing with you my recipe for pumpkin spice energy bytes see these cute everybody needs a little more pumpkin spice in their lives okay and sometimes my lunch consists of just the crust that are left from my kids sandwiches 

I love crust why don’t my kids like rest but life is crazy as a mom and so these bites are actually snack that I feel good about eating myself and a snack that I feel good about giving my kids they’re full of good free stuff and they really do give you some energy like instead program a candy bar grab one of these at your 3 o’clock afternoon crash 

 so let’s jump in and get started on this easy no bake recipe the first ingredient is one and a half cups of quick oats you could have used old-fashioned but I recommend using quick oats for this recipe next we’re gonna add about 1/2 cup of pure pumpkin puree now you want to make sure this isn’t pumpkin pie filling but just the puree after that we’ve got a 1/2 cup of natural peanut butter 

make sure that you’re checking the ingredients label make sure that there’s just peanuts in your peanut butter not a ton of additional sugar otherwise these aren’t as healthy as they could be now for seasonings I’ve added some cinnamon and some pumpkin pie spice now the sweetener we use honey in this recipe and here’s my trick for honey spray your measuring cup with some nonstick cooking spray before you measure out your honey honey is so hard to pour it all in and to clean it once you’re done but if you do that and comes out

 so easily after that I’m gonna add 2 easpoons of flax seed meal this is what binds the bites together so you don’t want to miss this then we’ve got one teaspoon of vanilla extract pour that in this ingredient is optional but I like to add a quarter cup of vanilla protein powder just to add a little more protein to this snack the last one is optional but I like to add a quarter cup of chocolate chips because let’s be honest pumpkin pie spice and chocolate chips go hand-in-hand mix it all together andthen take a baking sheet lined with foil and you’re gonna roll the dough into balls they’re about one inch out of each batch I can usually get about 24 balls once you get those all rolled stick them in the freezer for about an hour and your snack is ready to eat make sure