PERFECT Instant Pot Brown Rice Every Time!

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hey guys welcome back !
 today I’m showing you how to make brown rice in the instant pot welcome my name is Kristen and every Monday I share an instant pot recipe with you 
 I shared how to make my white sticky rice now if you want that recipe you can find it just right up there so after that recipe I got so many comments on show me how to make brown rice 

 now rice is one of the most common things to make in your insta pot if you haven’t made rice in your instant pot yet you’re missing out so if you’re ready let’s get cooking 

so today I’m just using long grain brown rice now this is just the kind that you get at the grocery store so I’m gonna cook 2 cups of rice because I’m gonna feed about 6 people now those of you that are complaining right now I’m not rinsing my rice before it’s going in you can rinse it if you like that’s just fine so I’m doing 2 cups of brown rice and I’m just dumping it right inside of the instant pot so with every cup of brown rice you want to add 1 and 1/4 cup of water so I have 2 cups of rice so I’m adding 2 and 1/2 cups of water now you want to make sure that all of your rice is submerged in the water because if it’s not then it’s not going to cook evenly 

so make sure all your rice is wet next you’re gonna put the lid on you are ready to cook your rice now you don’t have to use water you can use chicken broth or other things but I’m just using water today so you wanna make sure that little knob is on sealing not venting now depending on your instant pot you can push the pressure cook button or the manual button then we’re gonna go up to 22 minutes to cook brown rice now after a few seconds after you set the timer it’s gonna beep and then the on button is gonna go that means you’re doing it right now when your rice is done cooking it will show an L and it’s gonna start counting up that means it’s done

so I went ahead and flip my knob to Banting to let all of the pressure out once the pressure is out you can finally lift your lid and your rice will be all the way done and you have perfectly cooked brown rice now if you want to stick your brown rice you can add a little bit more water but this rice is perfect I actually like it better in the instant pot than I do in my rice cooker I actually got rid of my rice cooker as soon as I figured the instant pot makes amazing rice