Smart Household Hacks You Can’t Miss

The life cycle is supposed to make our lives easier. However, it can be difficult to find good ideas among the many tips available. Some of the tips on the Internet may seem absurd at first glance. However, if you try to follow them, you will not understand how to live without this trick.

If you don’t have double-sided tape, you can simply replace it with duct tape.

To make double-sided tape from duct tape, simply roll it into a bagel shape and stick it to the desired surface. It can be used not only to join broken toys, but also to decorate pictures (just not enough tape).

If you support wobbly furniture legs with coins instead of cardboard, the construction becomes less wobbly and more secure.

Vibration isolators for cars to prevent water hammer in sinks and pipes

The sheet metal vibration isolator can be purchased from car dealers. It can be used to reduce water noise in metal sinks, bathtubs and pipes. The material is cut into strips, heated slightly with a hair dryer and glued to a non-oily surface. The material can then be rolled or smoothed with a spatula. The author of this article has done this in practice and the result is shown in the following picture.

I tried this little trick on an already installed sink. Even with a small piece of anti-vibration material, the noise level was greatly reduced and the water now no longer makes a loud noise when it hits the metal while washing dishes.

If you put the dishes in the refrigerator before cooking, the hot food cools down faster.

If you don’t have a toothbrush holder handy and the sink surface is dirty, you can use a towel.

Other clothes can be washed along with the shoes in the washing machine, as can trainers and sports shoes.

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