Southwest Burrito Bowls Meal prep Monday

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hi guys welcome back 
I am Kristen for meal prep Monday I am making Southwest burrito bowls so every Monday I’m going to start sharing my meal prep I cook my lunches every Sunday so I’m prepared for the following week so with my meal prep I’m only prepping for meals

 so whether it’s for lunch whether it’s for dinner I only do four because it doesn’t taste as good once you hit day five and so that’s why I only do four if you haven’t done it yet don’t forget subscribe to our Channel right here and push that little belt so you can be notified every time that we post to YouTube all right let’s go do this meal prep of our Southwest burrito bowls 

so I’m gonna take one package of lean ground turkey and some taco seasoning and cook those together in a skillet while that’s cooking I just want to show you my new bento boxes I got on Amazon I’ll link it below for you but they’re perfect for the serving sizes that I use I’m just gonna get my four containers all ready to go so I can get my food put in now while my meat is browning I have this Uncle Ben’s whole-grain Sanofi medley that I cook it only takes out 90 seconds then I’m just gonna split it up into the four container so it’s about half a cup per container now I just eyeball it 

so I just make it it’s even as possible next I’m gonna add my salad if you don’t want to put your sell it in yet that’s okay I like my Southwest burrito bowl cold so I just add about half a cup to a cup of salad into each Bowl now as I put the salad on I’m also actually browning my meat on the side all right once my meat is done my taco seasoning is added I’m just gonna split that into fourths and just add it to each bowl now this was one pound of lean ground turkey and so each serving will have about 1/4 pound of ground turkey now if you don’t like the taste of ground turkey you can easily use ground beef instead next I’m gonna add my corn so this is low sodium canned corn I love when I can use fresh corn when it’s in season but when it’s not in season I just used the canned 

so I use about 1/4 of a can for each full the next ingredient is your favorite salsa I love the fresh salsa or the pico you can get at any grocery store you can make it yourself there’s hardly any calories and it just adds that boost of flavor for you so I added about 3 tablespoons into each Bowl and then last I just added a little bit of cheese onto each bowl about 2 tablespoons not a lot but I really like cheese now I’m gonna put this Taco Bell mild sauce on top and it’s great because there are no calories no fat no carbs there’s only a little bit of sodium so it’s perfect if you’re trying to lower your calories now I add my taco sauce as I’m about ready to eat it 

so when you’re all done you just put the lids on you pack them on top of each other or however they fit in your fridge and you were good to go now these should last you about 5 to 6 days in the refrigerator so in total this has 401 calories 44 grams of carbs 8 grams of fat and 36 grams of protein